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Red July -- Kangfu branch party members to the countryside

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  2020.7.21 PM at 2.30 PM, under the leadership of Han Lesheng, deputy director of the Party Working Committee of the industrial park, the person in charge of the Kangfu Medicine Party branch and Ye Jianqiang, a preliminary Party member, set off together to pair off to the sub-village -- Yangkeng Village by Daxi. In March this year, the company formed a partnership with Yangjia Village of Yinkeng township and Zhangyangkeng Village of Daxibian Township and each family sponsored 20,000 yuan in cash, hoping to contribute to the rural development.

  Along the way, the hot sun gradually disappeared, the sky from the drizzle, thin moisten the earth, a glance of green mountains and green water, it is refreshing, for our travel brought a good mood!

  Came to yangkeng village, the village secretary xu has been waiting for us, we first came to the village party activity room, the village accountant aunt enthusiasm for us to make tea, we carefully understand the party in the village. Then we in Secretary Xu led down to today's main destination: condolences to two village party members who are extremely poor: one is more than 80 years old party members, seriously ill, children are not around, we presented 500 yuan to chat about the heart, and wish him a speedy recovery; The other is a female old party member, three female party members in the village, her wife died last year, we accompany her to chat about daily life, would like to do our little power, let her feel the truth of the world. In the light rain, we visited the whole village, leaving us a good impression that this is an old and simple and neat village, which is not only the leader of the village, but also the result of the villagers' hard work. Now everywhere is a beautiful new countryside! Living in a beautiful place is so happy and proud!!

  The village also has a hundred mu peach forest, we came to the base, just to see a few villagers in sorting out the peaches, big and red, enthusiastic secretary must let us taste, very sweet. He also told us that the peaches are in good order, preservative-free, natural, delicious and healthy...

  Time is not early, we hurried to and hurried away, leaving in our minds is the good mountain and good water in the village, the clear river, the small fish in the river, let us remember deeply, the new rural changes can be really big!

  Sincerely wish: China's beautiful countryside more beautiful, civilized tomorrow is getting better and better, wish kangfu medicine career prospects to a higher level!