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Ordinary people, ordinary things -- record company electrician Yu Yong

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  Yu Yong, short and slightly fat, is about 40 years old. He joined the company as an electrician in 2017. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is a particularly good-tempered man. Regardless of the spring and autumn, as long as the company has electrical appliances, air conditioning and other problems to find him, the first time always appear in front of people...... .

  In the afternoon of July 22, the office of the Company's Capital Department had a bad taste due to the long time of rain and the problems left over from history. No specific reason could be found. Yu Yong's arrival completely solved this big problem. With the help of Director Wang Hongwei, he took pains to find out the reason despite the hardships and the unpleasant smell. Even though he was physically uncomfortable, his colleagues present were both moved and distressed... This sort of thing happened to him many times.

  The development of the company is inseparable from the strategy of the boss, and even more inseparable from the efforts of every employee to the company. Little things, warm the heart, the staff of Kangfu are good!