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Hot day, send

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  The afternoon of July 25th, after the continuous hot weather above 40 degrees, Zhejiang Kangfu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Union Party branch line of three people, with summerheat drugs and items to the company warehouse, medicine plant condolences to work at the frontline colleagues.

  Into the warehouse, colleagues are hard at work in their own positions, in this unusual summer, as in the past to do their own work; went to the warehouse of the two floor, is a Chinese herbal medicine factory temporary office, Chinese herbal medicine factory is Kangfu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. established a Chinese herbal medicine processing plant and scientific research project the building has been basically completed, on-site construction workers are to be in full swing project finishing work, we also together condolences to key personnel on site.

  Although the annual sympathy is only a small token of the company's mind, but also can feel the company's concern for employees. Because we are a big family, everyone does not forget the beginning of the heart, continue to work hard......