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Red 71, we do……

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  Finally ushered in the party's 96 birthday, the company's Party branch in the morning of June 29th arranged to go to the village, Zhang Village condolences to some poor party members. Zhang village is the base of Chinese herbal medicine for Zhejiang Kang Fu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Under the leadership of the company, a group of five people went to the middle village. We took the consolation money and braved the rain, and together they set foot on the middle village. Half an hour's journey, came to the beautiful scenery of the village, Zhang village, the young new secretary and director have been greeted by our arrival. We saw the village building a good auditorium and environmental hygiene in beautiful villages, can not help feeling, rural changes can be really big! Go to the old party each home, they were moved to our arrival, we poured the fresh tea, we sit down to talk, deeply felt the warmth because, we are the first condolences to their units, are very happy. We also talked with them about the aspirations of the farmers... .

  The 71 activities, for a long time, not pay much, but received the trust of local people, we have learned a lot. Wish our motherland and the people live and work in peace, the performance of the company every day, smoothly... Don't forget to return society, this is our company's purpose: from the people, for the people!

  2017.7.5 Yongmei Chang